Welcome to the Old Fish House

Self-Catering holiday accommodation in Kirkcudbright

The Old Fish House lies in the heart of Kirkcudbright which is a small, picturesque town in the south west of Scotland. The town’s origins date back over fifteen hundred years, with the High Street originally being settled around the thirteenth century.

Having access to the sea has shaped the town, from being a sea port once dependent on sailing, to the modern fishing industry and marina facilities which we have today.

Besides Kirkcudbright’s historical past it has so much more to offer. Past visitors have commented on its beauty and friendliness. Latterly it has become known as the “Artists’ Town” because of the significant number of artists who have made this their home. Art exhibitions are on display at many of the galleries all year round.

There is also much so more to see and do which can be enjoyed by young and old alike.
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Come and visit our beautiful wee town, you will not be disappointed.